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The information on this page is meant to be informative in nature. It should not take the place of advice from a medical professional. Speak with your physician if you have any concerns.

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T Bar Row

About the T Bar Row

Rows are a great type of exercise for those who wish to strengthen their back muscles, not to mention other muscles throughout the body that can also receive benefit from this workout. Of course, you'll want to make sure you use this equipment correctly to reduce risk of injury.

If you have any questions after watching the accompanying video, feel free to ask our on-site staff the next time you're at the gym! We love new members and welcome questions!

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Incline Pec Fly

About the Incline Pec Fly

The incline pectoral fly is a great way to build muscle mass in the upper chest. The main muscles targeted during this workout include the petoralis major and the deltoids. However, there are other a number of stabilizing and supporting muscles that will benefit during this workout too.

If you have any questions about this equipment, or any other equipment at our gym, please don't hesitate to ask our staff!

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Nautilus Hack Squat

About the Nautilus Hack Squat

One of the greatest benefits to the hack squat is that it pretty much targets every major muscle group in the lower body. And the the quadriceps femoris is given a great deal of focus during this exercise. This can be an excellent addition to any workout, even for newer gym members, just trying to get started with a good exercise regimen.

Aside from the accompanying videos on this page, and our on-site staff, we do have various personal trainers available for hire. If you need one, let us know! 

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Jacobs Ladder

About the Jacobs Ladder Machine

One of the benefits to this exercise is that in addition to building muscle, it also aids in improving coordination. This is something that's often missing from other cardio-oriented machines. In addition to helping with injury prevention, core and stabilizer muscles, and mobility, it also is very effective as a calorie burner.

While the videos on this page provide a good sneak peek at what our gym provides, there's a whole lot that isn't shown on this page. Come check us out to discover all the equipment available to our members. 

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Nautilus Bicep Curl

About the Nautilus Bicep Curl 

As one might imagine, the bicep curl is helpful to those who want to build their bicep muscle. Yes, building bicep muscles is often done for aesthetics. However, this muscle also assists the rotator cuff with stability, especially in the shoulder area. In reality, there are multiple benefits that come from having strong biceps.

Have a conversation with our staff, or personal trainers, to learn more about these benefits and whether or not bicep curls would assist with your personal fitness goals.

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