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We help normal people achieve extraordinary fitness goals.

Located in Milton, Florida... Serving the Panhandle!

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Finding the "right" gym to join can be a challenge.

The Right Gym

With many gyms in the Pace and Milton area, finding the one that fits your needs is easier said than done.

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Clear Results

Achieving fitness goals is far easier with a quality gym membership, a supportive environment, and easy access.

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Quality Support

There should be a gym in Santa Rosa that offers outstanding support, to assist each member as their fitness goals evolve.

We exist to help our members achieve their fitness goals!

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Become stronger. Here's how...


Visit the Gym

The best way to make sure we are a good fit is to come check us out. Come meet us, check out the gym, and see what you think!


Become a Member

If you feel great about your first experience, and want to make it a regular part of your life, we'd love to have you join. Choose a membership plan that works for you!


Consistently Workout

Getting physically fit, and staying that way, relies on consistency. As a member you're able to come any time of the day [or night] that is most convenient for you. 


Achieve Your Goals

Experience the benefits of consistent exercise, with focus on decreasing stress, improving mood, and increasing energy. We can't wait to help you achieve your goals!

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"We promise to do everything in our power to provide you the environment and support you need, to help you achieve your fitness goals... and we can't wait to meet you in person, at our gym!" ~ Bryan May (Owner)
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Yes we do!

At this time we do not provide group classes. However, we do have on-site support staff who are happy to provide instruction on how to use any of our equipment.

Yes! We do have a number of personal trainers we can connect you to, should you want some specialized assistance with your workout regimen.

We're located in the Dogwood Park Shopping Center, which is also where Winn-Dixie is located. Our address is 5436 Dogwood Dr, Milton, FL 32570.

It depends. We have multiple membership options, which you can find on the membership page, located under the "About" dropdown in our menu. In short, you can do anything from a single-day visit to an annual plan. Of course, pricing will range depending on what you choose. There are also different options depending on whether or not family members are added to your plan, or if you're in military/law enforcement.

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